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The Centered Place
Yoga Studio

286 Bridge Street
Warren, Massachusetts

(413) 436-7374

"The Centered Place has been a great support for me and my family. For 18 years, you have reliably helped me keep body, mind, and spirit integrated. Your influence has benefited my practice and teaching of bodywork as well.
The Centered Place has always been a lovely, inspiring, comfortable, clean, and well-organized environment for the practice of yoga. I have always felt safe referring clients, students, and friends to The Centered Place."

~ Wendy S. Bolognesi, LMT
Asian Massage Techniques Department Head,
Bancroft School of Massage Therapy

Shavasana pose
Blissful Shavasana

"In a hectic household with two kids under the age of 3, yoga is my escape. I love The Centered Place. I love going to relax and take my mind off of everything going on in my world. The Centered Place is by far the best place for yoga around this area. The instructors are fabulous and they are very helpful. I went to yoga through my two pregnancies and all the moves were catered to my body and to all the changes it was going through."

~ Jessica S.
West Brookfield, MA

Yoga class guidelines  
printable guidelines (PDF)

The Centered Place studio is fully equipped with everything you need. Do not bring sticky mats or other equipment — just yourself! Here are some suggestions to help you get more from your yoga class.

Be on time — Arriving late not only diminishes your class experience it also disturbs everyone else. Our classes begin and end with a guided relaxation that requires quiet and stillness.

Eating — Eat light before class. It’s hard to do yoga on a full stomach. Allow two hours between your last meal and the start of class. It is not necessary to starve yourself. If you must eat, snack on something light like fruit, yogurt or cheese and crackers. We provide light snacks at the studio for your journey home.

Dress — Wear loose-fitting clothes that are comfortable. Blue jeans are not yoga attire. Do not wear belts because they restrict movement. If you choose to wear shorts, we suggest biking-style shorts. Some students wear sweats.

Shoes — Shoes are not allowed in the studio. Please leave them in our mudroom prior to entering class.

Perfume — Please refrain from using fragrance of any kind, including scented
lotions, hair spray and aftershave products. They can trigger asthma attacks and cause allergic reactions in other students and teachers.

Pets & pet hair — Some students have allergies to pets, especially pet hair.
We love our cats, Mukti and Santosha, but we don’t allow them into the studio. They are welcome to travel through the mudroom. Please open the kitchen door and let them into the house. Please do not pick them up before coming into class because their hair will enter with you. And be aware if you are bringing your own pet's hair to class.

Jewelry —
Heavy bracelets can interfere with your practice and can impair the teacher’s ability to adjust you in a posture. Please remove wristwatches and any large pieces of jewelry prior to class.

Drugs & alcohol — Please refrain from using nontherapeutic drugs or alcohol while attending classes. If you have a medical condition that requires the use of an inhaler, glucose tabs, or nitroglycerin, please be sure to bring these with you and remind the teacher at your first class. 

Pagers & cell phones — No pagers or cell phones allowed in class.

Smoking — Please refrain from smoking immediately prior to class as the odor lingers and can disturb others.

Water bottles — It is not necessary to bring a water bottle into the studio. This is not an aerobics class. Drinking during yoga only serves to distract you from your practice. We have filtered water available in the studio. The best time to hydrate yourself is before or after class.

Parking — Please take a few moments to look at the parking diagram you received in your welcome packet or the one posted in our mudroom. Make sure you pull all the way forward — in the long drive and on the grass next to the street. Be aware if your car is blocking another student who may need to leave promptly after class. We appreciate you moving your car after class, then returning to speak with the teacher or do other yoga business.

We found that observing these suggestions creates an environment of mutual respect and safety and creates a nurturing atmosphere where our students can restore and rejuvenate in comfort.

Yoga instruction

All classes are ongoing; you can
start anytime.

All Levels
A standard Svaroopa class with a full spectrum of asanas. For all levels of ability; beginners welcome.

An intermediate level for students who have at least one full year’s Svaroopa yoga practice and permission from the instructor. A home practice is encouraged.

Advanced Bliss
This class requires an interview and is for advanced students with no less than two years' experience with deeper Svaroopa yoga classes and a well-established home practice. ($240)


You can purchase a gift certificate for others or classes for yourself online here.

Our payment plan uses a card system:

15 classes, $195, card good for 4 months (retired elders $165).

10 classes, $140, card good for 3 months (retired elders $120).

5 classes, $75, card good for 2 months (retired elders $65).

Single, drop-in rate $16 per class (retired elders $14).

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