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"Svaroopa Yoga is unlike any yoga I have ever experienced. It is based on the idea that, if gently asked, the muscles of the body will let go of tension and expand, creating more space within you. All of the asanas seem to be variations on asking the body to relax and let go. And my body responded..."

"...Svaroopa Yoga can be very helpful to anyone who wants to get rid of physical tension, feel healthier, make more space inside themselves for spiritual development, and just R-E-L-A-X and enjoy each day."

~ Nedda Wittels, Animal Communicator
Simsbury, Connecticut
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Shavasana pose
Blissful Shavasana

"I am convinced that yoga saved me from a life of back pain. I wrenched my back years ago and would literally have to crawl out of bed some mornings. Physical therapy helped somewhat but I suffered a number of years with the problem. My wife started attending yoga classes at The Centered Place, and I gave it a try, too. After about a month, I realized my back didn't hurt anymore... and it's been fine ever since — almost 10 years now."
~ John Devanski
Graphics, Web, and Print Designer

Ware, MA
Guy With Glasses Design, Ware MA

What Is Svaroopa® Yoga:
Svaroopa® yoga is a unique style of hatha yoga that helps release tension in the deepest layers of the body. Core tensions begin in the muscles around the base of the spine and then negatively affect the whole body. Through alignment and support, with ease rather than force, Svaroopa® yoga releases these core tensions, beginning with the tailbone and hips, and then carrying the changes through the rest of the spine, the rib cage, neck, and shoulders.
As the spinal tension releases, the beneficial effects radiate throughout the entire body. Your body becomes supple and feels more alive. You feel a sense of ease, relief, inner strength, and peace.

What's Special About Svaroopa® Yoga:

Svaroopa® yoga works for every body. You do not have to be like the slim, loose-limbed models that typically adorn magazine articles about yoga. You can be yourself.

Svaroopa yoga studio near Sturbridge, Massachusetts
One of the Magic 4 poses.

With the use of props such as chairs, blocks, and blankets, your teacher customizes the yoga poses (asanas) to fit the unique needs of every body in the class instead of forcing all students to fit (and squirm) identically into the same pose. Students who attend The Centered Place Svaroopa® yoga classes are taught the Magic 4, which consists of four simple yoga asanas that you can practice easily at home.

Home practice gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself between classes. Home practice also extends the benefits of the classes through the week and
prepares you for deeper results in the next class.

The Magic 4 and the many other asanas taught in Svaroopa® yoga classes bring profound changes to the body and mind and can bring transformation for personal growth.

More than just exercise:
Svaroopa® yoga is a consciousness-oriented yoga that also produces healing and transformation.
The emphasis of Svaroopa® yoga is your inner experience, your inner opening. This inner opening is what brings you greater fitness and health. As stated in an article in Yoga International magazine (now the
Yoga & Joyful Living magazine), Svaroopa® yoga dissolves "the tensions that inhibit your body's natural functioning and inherent healing

"My doctor recommended yoga for my back pain, and now, three years later, I am still pain free practicing yoga."

~ Will Contino
North Brookfield

capacity. The release of the inner blocks allows you to live in an inner ease, in your body and in your self, that is your birthright."

Svaroopa® yoga gives you all the benefits of aerobics and much more. Release of tension significantly improves circulation, and this improves the health of your heart. Physical release facilitates easier, deeper breathing. This and the slower, deeper breathing practice learned in classes, help increase oxygen intake. Thus, yoga is truly aerobic ("involving, utilizing, or increasing oxygen consumption for metabolic processes in the body" ~ from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary definition of aerobic). However, unlike aerobics, yoga practice increases your energy rather than depleting it.

Most important, yoga improves concentration while quieting your mind. When your mind becomes quiet, you can get beyond the incessant worry and anxiety produced by the mind and experience a deeper sense of peace and even bliss, which are qualities of your essential nature, your own Divine Self. What better physical fitness is there than that which also brings mental fitness and reconnection with your true Self?

For information about the creator of Svaroopa® yoga, Swami Nirmalananda, click on this link: Swami Nirmalananda Bio

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