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What students are saying about The Centered Place yoga studio and yoga classes

"I am convinced that yoga saved me from a life of back pain. I wrenched my back years ago and would literally have to crawl out of bed some mornings. Physical therapy helped somewhat but I suffered a number of years with the problem. My wife started attending yoga classes at The Centered Place, and I gave it a try, too. After about a month, I realized my back didn't hurt anymore... and it's been fine ever since — almost 10 years now."

~ John Devanski, Graphics and Web Designer, Ware, MA
Guy With Glasses Design

"The Centered Place is a very special place. It is a wonderful place to learn Svaroopa yoga — truly a rewarding style of yoga.

Class practice and instruction have brought so many positive changes to my body, mind, and heart. Nancy and Phil are devoted to yoga and they are caring and thorough teachers.

Every week I look forward to class and I always return home feeling restored and renewed. I count the yoga classes among the blessings in my life!"

~ Muriel Canterbury, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

"I look forward to doing Svaroopa yoga every week. I have been going for the past six years. This type of yoga is so adaptable to every single body with every conceivable restriction. I was able to continue attending classes safely even with a broken wrist and torn cartilage in my knee.

The name "The Centered Place" is so appropriate because that is exactly what happens: I get centered. It brings my mental, emotional, and physical parts of my body into balance so that I can focus on my life and bring it into fullness. I am 70 years old and would not be as young, happy, and spry as I am without the invaluable sessions of yoga that I attend each week."

~Mary Grace, Author, Reiki Master, Speaker, Eucharistic Minister,
Wales, Massachusetts;

"I attended classes at The Centered place for 16 years and only stopped my weekly visits because I moved from the area. The foundation in yoga that I learned from Nancy and Phil has served as the foundation for my life ever since. And I have yet to find a teacher as competent and aware as those at the Centered Place. I only wish I could move closer."

~ Mike Milligan, Worcester, Massachusetts

"I was terrified my first few months at Yoga class. After all, I'm deaf and must keep my eyes open to lip read as well as do the poses! At first, I wondered how on earth I would be able to do this stuff! Well, I've been attending the Centered Place for four or five years now, and it is truly a great place to learn how to relax. … It's been a huge learning experience for me …. Nancy and Ellan have worked hard and sensitively to bypass the communication barriers of deafness in order to work effectively with me. I will continue to learn and practice yoga as long as I can!"

~ Sharon Carpenter
Ludlow, Massachusetts

"Ahhhhhhh . . . It really is amazing the way I feel 'before' and 'after' class. I can be tired, stiff, tense, down, whatever before class; but after: now that's an entirely different me! I feel taller, looser, calmly energized, actually fluid. I'm at ease physically and mentally.

The more I attend classes, the more this wonderful state of being carries over into each day. You all are warm,
welcoming, and encouraging. I'm so glad I heard about The Centered Place. You've helped me begin to find the things that tend to get buried in all the busyness — peace, calm, my centered self. Many thanks.

~ Susan Kinnin, 6th Grade Teacher in Wales, Massachusetts

"A delightful experience while getting to know body and mind and how to use both in the daily walk of life ... Yoga comes into play every day of my life! … Yoga has helped during this time of my life on a daily basis. It helps me find a quiet place within to go to …"

~ Nancy Thibeault, Baldwinville, Massachusetts

"Yoga gives me a relaxation break in the middle of my busy week."

~ Tony Fernandes, Attorney, West Brookfield, Massachusetts

"In a hectic household with two kids under the age of 3, yoga is my escape. I love the Centered Place, I love going to relax and take my mind off of everything going on in my world. The Centered Place is by far the best place for yoga around this area. The instructors are fabulous and they are very helpful. I went to yoga through my two pregnancies and all the moves were catered to my body and to all the changes it was going through."

~ Jessica Swistak, West Brookfield, Massachusetts

"Yoga at the Centered Place has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am calmer all the time, free of back pain and headaches, and able to be active for long periods of time despite some arthritis in my hands, spine, and hips. My life changed for the better when I began
practicing regularly at the Centered Place."

~ Lynn Caulfield Lak, Special Education Teacher, Ware, Massachusetts

“I continued with yoga classes through my pregnancy with Jack. They kept me relaxed and rested.”

~ Jennifer Young, Mother and Librarian, Monson Massachusetts

“My yoga practice was immensely helpful during labor (especially the breathing) and delivery.”

~ Jennifer W., Oakham, Massachusetts

“Coming to The Centered Place and practicing under your guidance has been a wonderful blessing in my life. Many, many thanks!”

~ Jean Comerford, Artist, Hardwick, Massachusetts

“…I appreciate and enjoy all that you do to make the classes so beneficial on so many levels spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically… Thank you for all that you do.”

~ Sara Small, Massage Therapist, Hardwick, Massachusetts

“… Thank you for your kindness and thoughtful generosity. My family and I enjoy your services and enjoy all that you have done to make our lives fuller.”

~ Shannon

"I was longing for a sacred journey and Svaroopa Yoga provided me the opportunity to go as far and as deep as I wished, inside and outside, offering me gentle guidance along the way. The Centered Place is my roots and will always hold a special place in my heart....Thank You Nancy and Phil. I have been blessed. Namaste"

~ Shanoah Whitman, Naturopathic Medical Student,
University of Bridgeport, Connecticut

“I have been doing yoga at the Centered pace for eleven years and love it. I studied other forms
of yoga before this and although I benefited from them, I find Svaroopa Yoga the most enjoyable and beneficial. You become very flexible without needing to do those extreme ‘pretzel’ poses. I’m an artist and a poet and find that yoga really helps with my work – it quiets the mind and allows the creative ideas to flow.
“The benefits of going to these classes are - the expert instruction, the adjustments by the teacher and the energy of the group – I always arrive home feeling calmer, lighter, and more able to cope with whatever is going on in my world…Everyone should do yoga.”

~ Joan Erickson, Artist and Poet, West Brookfield, Massachusetts

“Thank you! As a result of attending your yoga classes, I have more energy, less stress, and better health. A feeling of well being and relaxation adds so much to every day.”

~ Patricia A. Burnham, Warren, Massachusetts

“The Centered Place has been a great support for me and my family. For 18 years, you have reliably helped me keep body, mind and spirit integrated. Your influence has benefited my practice and teaching of bodywork as well.

The Centered Place has always been a lovely, inspiring, comfortable, clean, and well organized environment for the
practice of yoga. I have always felt safe referring clients, students, and friends to The Centered Place.”

~ Wendy S. Bolognesi, L.M.T., Asian Massage Techniques
Department Head, Bancroft School of Massage Therapy

" From yoga I developed an ability to let the little things go. Driving in heavy traffic no longer raises my blood pressure. I find I stand taller and feel better when I do. The
meditation practices have helped me to remain focused and calmer. I am much more flexible than many of my friends of the same age who have not taken yoga. At your
place there is also an incredible feeling of oneness with fellow students and instructors…"

~ Marty Sellers, Bookkeeper

" I just had to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the profound experience I had while participating in your yoga class on Monday evening. I'm glad that my daughter invited me to come with her. You'll be pleased to know that thanks to your giftedness and expertise, the frozen shoulder pain in my right shoulder is gone. I could hardly raise my arm before coming to your class. What was especially healing and comforting for me was the way that you ministered to each one of the students, helping each one to experience optimum benefit from this yoga. step by step. …"

~ Deena L., Reflexologist and Reiki Master; Ohio

“Ellan [Catacchio, The Centered Place yoga instructor] volunteered to be my birthing coach … Ellan and I had attended the hospital’s childbirth class the weekend before the children were born, paying close attention to the recommended breathing techniques and labor exercises. Yet, when the big day arrived, we both more naturally gravitated toward our Svaroopa training and experience to support us through each of our roles.
Throughout … the relatively easy labor, birth and recovery processes, my mantra was ‘It’s the yoga!’ My practice supported me in becoming pregnant, enjoying a wonderfully easy pregnancy and delivering two beautiful, healthy babies — although a few weeks early, both of sufficient weight that we all went home within 48 hours. I recommend this practice to both moms-to-be and their coaches. I can’t say it often enough when people hear my story…‘It’s the yoga!’ ”

~ Atheana Meadows

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