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The Centered Place
Yoga Studio

286 Bridge Street
Warren, Massachusetts

(413) 436-7374

The name 'The Centered Place' is so appropriate because that is exactly what happens: I get centered. It brings my mind, emotions, and body into balance so that I can focus on my life and bring it into fullness.
Mary Grace
Author, Reiki Master, Speaker, Eucharistic Minister
Wales, MA
We Are Dedicated: We at The Centered Place yoga studio are dedicated to promoting well-being, reducing stress, and inspiring peace.

We do our best for our students. They enjoy the benefits of yoga and return home refreshed, relaxed, and more peaceful.
As a result, their families and friends gain something positive as well. We find the influence of the yoga experience can
spread through the community,
and beyond.

Phil and Nancy

We Are Professionally Trained: As with all certified Svaroopa Yoga teachers, every one of our teaching staff is professionally trained and highly experienced. We all continue to develop our expertise by attending continuing-education courses and advanced teacher trainings.

We Are Reputable: Our classes are well known for their safety and precision, our teachers for their dedication and compassion, and our style of practice for its immediate bliss and profound healing power.

We're a Supportive Community: We are not teaching yoga for our livelihood but rather as a service to the community. We regularly donate our resources and services to local fund-raising events.

If you are in Central Massachusetts, we are close to you!
Our yoga studio is located in Warren, Massachusetts, and is convenient from Sturbridge, West Brookfield, North Brookfield, Brookfield, New Braintree, Spencer, East Brookfield, Ware, Barre, Hardwick, Belchertown, Palmer, Monson, Worcester, Ludlow, Springfield, Brimfield, Wales, Holland, Connecticut, and beyond.

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